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The Reynolds Middle School band is one of four middle school band programs in the Prosper Independent School District. The band directors at Reynolds work closely with the directors at Prosper High School to coordinate a vertically aligned curriculum as well as recruitment for balanced instrumentation within the cluster. Placement in the concert ensembles at Reynolds Middle School is based on audition quality, work ethic, fundamental practice, and the Five Leadership Values of Reynolds Eagle Band P.R.I.D.E. The Reynolds band community is committed to maintaining a tradition of excellence for generations to come.

The Five Leadership Values of Reynolds Eagle Band P.R.I.D.E.






Reynolds Middle School

700 N Coleman St

Prosper, Texas 75078

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Tina Parr - cdparr@prosperisd.net

Clayton Koch - cakoch@prosper-isd.net

Richard Alvarado - rbalvarado@prosper-isd.net

Kevin Hanrahan - kjhanrahan@prosper-isd.net

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