Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be in band and be in athletics/cheer/dance?

  • Yes. Most members are involved in other activities and many are extremely successful in both. If there are practices that conflict with band rehearsals, that just needs to be communicated with the band directors ahead of time.

What if I have never been involved in music before?

  • Starting in Beginning Band, the band directors and private lesson teachers will teach you everything you will need in order to be successful on your instrument. Being involved in piano lessons and other music lessons are extremely beneficial before joining band, but are not required in order to have a successful experience. Your Elementary Music classes are also great training to have before being in middle school.

How time consuming is it to be in band?

  • Most of what we do takes place during the school day. Throughout the school year, there will be a few after-school rehearsals that are usually the day before concerts. Beyond that, it is highly recommended that students practice at least 5 of the 7 days out of the week to benefit individual growth on your instrument.

Will being in band affect my grades and test scores?

  • Yes. Studies have shown that students who participate in music programs achieve higher grade point averages as well as higher standardized test scores. Participation in band affects students' grades for the better! 

Does being in band cost money?

  • Not as much as you think. Through deals and discounts from our local music companies, we are able to offer many of our instruments at an affordable, rent-to-own price. There are specific instruments that are owned by Prosper ISD that we can provide for a $100 per year maintenance fee.