Future Members

We are excited that you are considering being a part of our team in the Band!

If you are still undecided about wanting to be in the band, or maybe you know you want to be in the band but you don’t know what you’d like to learn to play, check out our instrument guide. Here, you can see and hear each unique instrument! If you still aren’t sure after hearing the instruments, come on down to our Instrument Fitting Day on February 29th or March 4th. Simply sign up for a time to come try the instruments out. We can show you the instruments in person, and let you find the one that is best for you!

If you’ve already selected band as your elective for 6th grade, then you’re almost there! All you need to do next is SIGN UP for a time to come try the instruments out at our instrument demo day on February 29th and March 4th.

We know that you will have a great time learning your instrument, and we look forward to teaching it to you VERY soon!